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Featured projects

Prices Starts from 1,850,000 TRY

A project that combines city life and nature

The project is located in the Istanbul Asian region of Beykoz and is located in the central forest of Mesa The project consists of 8 blocks divided into 219 apartments
Under construction2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 6+1
Istanbul European
Prices Starts from 650,000 TRY

Residential project in Sera Tbe area near Taksim

A project is provided with an advance payment of 35 per cent and the remaining 30 months of the installment are provided without interest
Under construction0+1, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Prices Starts from 1,384,000 TRY

Project in the highest areas of Istanbul Paradise of life

The project consists of 4 floors, ground floor + 7 floors With 245 housing units, 14 offices and 20 commercial units.
Under construction1+1, 2+1, 2+1 Dublex, 3+1 Dublex
Prices Starts from 4,500,000 TRY

The project gives you the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing natural air

The project is divided into 8 thousand square meters of green in 11 blocks of 73 apartments located. It features a low rise structure, a central location and an aesthetic architecture, with apartments 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 1, 5 + 1 and 6 + 1.
ready for delivery4+1

Latest Projects

Prices Starts from 1,245,000 TRY

Luxurious apartments with charming finishes in a distinctive project in Istanbul

The  project is located in the lively Fadil Pasha Street, located in the Mal Tepe area, which is administratively affiliated to the Zeytinburnu area, in the European section of Istanbul.
Under construction1+1, 1+2, 3+1, 4+1
Istanbul European
Prices Starts from 1,931,000 TRY

A project in the heart of the historic Taksim area

The Proejct residence offers customized services that will keep up with your busy life and become your personal assistant. Services such as housekeeping, childcare, organizing meetings, booking flights, organizing surprise birthday parties and anniversary celebrations, VIP transfers, etc. will simply become your right-hand assistant for 24/7. These services will become a must in your life.
ready for delivery1+1
Prices Starts from 575,000 TRY

Charming social life and a sea view with residential and investment factors in Istanbul

يعتبر المشروع الأول من نوعه في مدينة إسطنبول فهو عبارة عن منتجع سكني مستوحى من فنادق إيطاليا ذات السبع نجوم ممتداً على مساحة كليّة تصل إلى 52 ألف متر مربع، يتخللها 95% مساحات خضراء مؤلفاً من برجَين بتصاميم عصرية ملفتة وبارتفاعات تصل إلى 30 طابقاً متضمناً 821 شقة سكنية بأنماط تتراوح بين 1+1 وحتى 5+1 بتجهيزات مطبخية كاملة وبإطلالات متنوعة على بحر مرمرة من جهة وعلى بحيرة بيوك تشكمجة وحديقة المشروع والمدينة من جهاتٍ أخرى من خلال شرفاته الواسعة.
Under construction1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 1+5.5
Prices Starts from 760,000 TRY

For lovers of large and spacious apartments this project meets your needs

The project is built on an area of 72706 square meters. The project consists of 3 phases. It has 941 apartments and 27 commercial units.
ready for delivery2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Prices Starts from 300,000 TRY

Residential commercial project in the center of Istanbul

The project is located in Eyüp, which is the center of Istanbul. The project consists of 279 housing units. It includes 7 commercial areas.
ready for delivery1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 6+1
gazi osman paşa
Prices Starts from 1,000,000 TRY

The project is more modern, more comfortable and more livable

The project was built on an area of 72 acres, contains 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 as apartment types The project rises in Gaziosmanpaşa Gaziosmanpaşa, one of the areas where urbanization continues rapidly in Istanbul
ready for delivery1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1

Investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular

BAZERBASHI group is a specialized diversified group in general trading, real estate investment, general services and other fields of sectors. With that; our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and to earn their trust.

Latest Real Estate News in Turkey

Istanbul Properties

Real Estate Turkey

Prices Starts from 399,000 TRY

A great project that gives you the pleasure of living in the city center

The project, which will be built in Belek Dozo, consists of 1,690 houses in 5 blocks. Built on 112 thousand square meters of land,
Under construction1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Prices Starts from 610,000 TRY

A project designed for your future

The project contains a total of 2 + 1 124 to 159 square meters, total 3 + 1 169 to 233 square meters, 4 + 1 207 to 293 square meters, 5 + 1 total 220 to 262 square meters.
Under construction2+1, 3+1
Istanbul European
Prices Starts from 520,000 TRY

A project directly overlooking the Istanbul Canal, the lake and the sea

It is only 160 meters away from the Kuchuk-Chkumja Lake, a distance from the new Istanbul Canal, with direct or partial views
Under construction2+1, 3+1
Prices Starts from 727,000 TRY

Residential project at a special discount for 100 apartments

It is a housing project developed in Bağcılar. The project consists of 2 blocks with 503 flats and 10 commercial areas.
ready for delivery1+1, 2+1, 3+1
Prices Starts from 833,019 TRY

A perfect vision of a new life

The project is located in Bahcesehir, one of the most prestigious areas of modern Istanbul, which is witnessing a great development in terms of urbanization, making the project a wonderful opportunity for housing and investment.
Under construction2+1, 3+1, 4+1 DUPLEX
Prices Starts from 480,000 TRY

Project technology and innovative creative design

It is one of the most important investment opportunities in Turkey due to its location and its proximity to a new metro station, where the project offers you a future life, where you combine your homes between technology and comfort.
ready for delivery0+1, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1