Before everything should preview the case by specialist doctors.
The patient must follow medical instructions to the stage of pre- process through a specialist doctor.
Non-blade shaving hair and leave it on the current status, as the specialists hospitalization shaved hair crisis, according to the standards process.

The patient should stop drinking Arabic coffee, green tea, aspirin and alcohol.
You should inform your doctor of any past or current illnesses.
You must stop all medicines and vitamins before the operation duration not less than five days (in case, if the patient taking any medicines, he/she must inform the Drs about it).

Process steps

Stage I (preparatory phase):

We shaved all the hair by machine, then wash the head until clean it well.
the Doctors use local anesthesia topically by using local needles anesthesia, and this stage is the only part that patient will feel some pain, the patient feels like something of burning sensation and some simple pain, it dose not take long time just for ten minutes to take the anesthetic effect fully, then the process sequence without any sense of noteworthy pain.
Our center using anesthesia technique witch called sedation, the patient sleeps for fifteen minutes after giving him the sedation, and then the patient wakes up to follow the process without felling any pain at all !(Anesthesia sedation is safe and does not have any damage to health).
And after the anesthesia has been completed, the second phase will began witch called Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

Stage II (Follicular Unit Extraction):

The specialist doctor take off the grafts from the donor area, which stands behind the head between the ears top of the neck using machine named Micro Motor.
Micro motor machine has several punches, there are many sizes, it is between 0.5 mm up to 0.9 mm.
Using the punches depends on the hair type and hair follicles located at each patient. also, it depends on the place where you want to transplant.
The doctor will take of the grafts from the donor area.
At this stage the specialists counting the number of follicles excerpted in order to know the amount of follicles that have been extracted for the patient and write it down in the certificate that will be given to the patient after being sure about the process completely.

The third step

The doctor will draw the front line of the front of the head after measuring the length and width of the forehead and set the end of the forehead muscle to give the patient’s natural shape after agriculture.

Fourth stage (opens the channels and transplants the follicles):
Doctors will open the channels in the baldness area, very tight to each other, then the doctors will replanting the grafts inside each channel mindful that the direction of the transplanted and compatibility with existing hair to make it as one unit.

The Duration of the process:
Hair transplant process takes between six up to eight hours.
in all cases, the patient can take break form time to time to take a rest. Also the patient can has meals if he felt hungry during the operation.

The stage after hair transplant process


When the hair transplant had been done, the patient go back to his normal life directly, the patient can keep going without any side effects from the operation.
But the patient must follow some medical instructions dictated by the doctors.
The first days after the operation, the patient must be careful to follow medical instructions carefully until (at least three days) after the operation, because the grafts should stand under scalp and not fall down.
This period is limited to the first three days after the operation, which is the most important.
So it is necessary to stay at the hospital after the operation and don’t go out and exposure to the sun or rain…
So we require the patient to stay in hospital for at least 24 hours after the operation under supervision of medical staff.

The patient does not know how to take care of the area under cultivation and protection from any damages that may occur to them.

So we take care of you, and keep our patients in the hospital for tow nights under medical supervision to ensure that the hair transplant had done in correct way.
So, the operation process divided into three stages, the first day we do the hair transplant and keep the patient in the hospital.

On the second day it is rest for the patient, and our doctors keep taking care of you around the day.
On the third day we do hair washing by using special materials to treat the transplanted area and to clean it from the blood, then the patient can go out from the hospital after giving Guarantee of unlimited duration (guarantee of lifetime) is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

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