Tapu Sample

The Tapu is an official registry document in Turkey. It proves that you have ownership rights over the property. This ownership document is your registry at Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. This directorate has been established by Sultan Abdulmecid; Ottoman Emperor on 21.May.1847 as Defterhane-i Amire. Ottoman Empire is the first empire who created the first cadastre maps on earth.

The owner”s name, photograph and detailed information of the property appear on this document. This official document is supplied and archive provided by Tapu and Cadastro General Directorate. Tapu conveyance is registered and archived by this directorate.

The Tapu has to be sealed with a stamp in the central part at the bottom of the document. In most cases a picture of the owner is suffixed and sealed to the top-right of the Tapu but it is not obligatory. All processes of conveyance are followed and fixed by Antalya Homes Real Estate experienced staff.

The meanings of the terms appearing on a TAPU are as follows:

Ana Gayrimenkulun Description, location and cadastral coordinates of the property
Ili City
Ilçesi Town
Mahallesi District
Köyü Village
Sokagi Street
Mevkii Area
Pafta No Sheet number
Ada No Plot/block number
Parsel No Parcel number
Niteligi Feature (whether it is a building land, vacant land, or cultivated land)
Yüzölçümü Area / size of the land (summation of the figures shown for the three pameters below should add up to the total size of the main land)
KAT MÜLKIYETI Ownership of the independent unit which is ready to use (flat, house, office etc built on the main land)
KAT IRTIFAKI Ownership of the independent unit which is not ready for use yet (either because of an on-going development/construction work or due to the fact that usage permit from the municipality has not been gathered yet)
DEVRE MÜLK Fractional / timeshare ownership (owned for a certain period of a year)
Bagimsiz Bölüm Information about the independent unit (the property subject to the use such as a flat, house, etc) on the main land
Satis Bedeli Purchase price of the property
Arsa Payi Land share (what proportion of the land belongs to the independent unit)
Blok No Block number
Kat No Floor number
Bagimsiz Blm No Independent unit Number
Edinme Sebebi The reason why the property is being acquired (From who to whom the property has been sold and any other relevant explanation)
Sahibi Name(s) of the current owner(s)
More than one person can own the same property. In this case, their respective shares are to be shown in this section. The respective shares are illustrated in terms of the proportion of the main land.

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