If you plan to have a property in Turkey for living or investing, we are here for you.
We assure you having the right option in term of; safety, served location and well equipped. we also manage, maintain and protect your properties.
We offer you a collection of suitable choices to buy a property (flats or villas), and we prepare a detailed report with all informations needed to make your decision convenient and appropriate for you.


The Tapu is an official registry document in Turkey. It proves that you have ownership rights over the property. This ownership document is your registry at Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. This directorate has been established by Sultan Abdulmecid; Ottoman Emperor on 21.May.1847 as Defterhane-i Amire. Ottoman Empire is the first empire who created the first cadastre maps on earth.

power of attorney procedures

Bazerbashi company advises property buyers to give power of attorney to us in order to follow the tapu transfer procedure; military checks, release of title deeds from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate. The giving "Power of Attorney" process takes about two hours and needs to be witnessed at a Public Notary Office. Istanbul Homes staff will provide the necessary assistance.

mortgage loans

There is no impediment or legal impediment to prevent a foreigner from obtaining a mortgage, but there are some conditions to be followed There are two methods in Turkey:

Real Estate Management

we manage our clients properties from all aspects which include; follow on taxes, municipality fees, pay electricity, water and gas bills, ensure the safety of the property, follow on the plantation, maintain the water and drain systems.

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