Breast implants, also known as breast augmentation or breast formation, are a monthly cosmetic surgery preferred by thousands of women each year to increase breast size or change. Where it is the most famous cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is preferred by most breast cancer patients after breast surgery

Breast lift surgery may be performed with breast augmentation surgery to move the nipple to a higher position and remove the excess skin in the breast area

Types of breast implants

Tits round versus tearing breast implants


Round breast implants are the most common among surgeons today. As it appears to be more complete and a more protective skin is cultured compared to other breast implants. In the case of rotation of the cultivated part, there are no significant differences due to the circular shape of the cultivated part. Where salt and silicon options are available.

Cultivation of the breast tear, also called fixed shape cultivation, this type of breast implants has been almost defined in 2014. The teardrop shape can be cultivated to maintain its shape and provide new forms. Tissue cultivation has a thicker viscosity to be more permanent

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breastfeed with breast implants

Yes, you can, since breast augmentation surgery is appropriate for breastfeeding. The chemicals inside the implanted part do not mix with the mother’s milk and are safe for the child

Does breast implants lead to breast cancer

There is no scientific evidence to confirm that breast implants cause breast cancer or increase the chance of breast cancer

Recovery after breast augmentation

The recuperation period varies from one breast to another. Usually, the patient returns to work in a few days. The patient is not allowed to shower within 3 to 7 days, and heavy physical activities should be avoided within 3-4 weeks

Breast lift

Breast lift surgery, also known as breast stabilization, is a common cosmetic surgery and is preferred by thousands of women each year so they can restore the shape and strength of the breast. Breast lift surgery involves re-locating the nipple, removing excess skin, fat, breast tissue surrounding the breast, and sometimes reducing the size of the nipple.

Breast implants are recommended for women who have

The nipples are downward
Tremel in the breast
Breast mismatch
Inflated nipples

Breast lift recovery

Breast lift is the same as that of breast enlargement, one to two weeks. It is important to keep away from sports and hard work for two week

Scars after breast tightening

Breast-lift surgery leaves some scars, which are obvious in the first few months and may last up to a full year until they disappear. But before you decide to have breast surgery, you should consider that the scars of breast surgery do not completely disappear

Frequently Asked Questions

Is breast surgery painful

No, you will not feel any pain during breast implants as breast surgery is performed under the influence of total anesthesia. Some post-operative pain may be affected by medication analgesics.

Does weight loss affect breast lift results

Yes, weight loss can affect the results of breast tightening, where it is recommended that the patient be in a stable weight stage at the time of surgery.

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