Enlargement of the buttocks is a process that can be done for men and women who want more bends or a balance in fitness. The perimeter of the buttocks can be improved by achieving a more complete form. The cultivated material is made of hard or semi-hard silicone, and is grown in the buttocks, providing a soft natural appearance, similar to the harmonious muscles

Surgery mechanism


Buttock augmentation is performed under complete anesthesia, during which the doctor makes a small incision, from an inch to 3 inches, between the buttocks in the midline, although the incision is often in the fold of the buttocks, because scarring is not noticeable here; The midline is at high risk for infection. Then the doctor opens up a pocket-like shape in both thighs, the size fits the size of the implant material, and can be under the large muscles, or on the top of them. After inserting the first implant into one of the thighs, insert the second material on the opposite side, then examine both sides carefully to ensure normal and similar results. After that, the place of the incision is made with soluble stitches. Then put a pressure bandage on the buttocks, to help reduce discomfort and swelling. The treated person leaves the surgical center within an hour or so, after a two-hour operation. Liposuction is sometimes performed in conjunction with buttock augmentation

– Action time  : about two hours.

– Side effects: pain, feeling of anesthesia, minimal swelling and bruising in the following days.

– Anesthesia: General.

– Recovery period: 5 to 7 days.

– Conducting normal activities: after about a week.

– Exercise more physical activities: after about a month.

– Risks: Inflammation, bleeding, muscle damage, sliding of the cultivated material, asymmetry between the buttocks.

The healing period

In the first days after the operation, the person suffering from the difficulty of fluctuation, where it is necessary to be accompanied by at least one person on the first night, and perhaps for several consecutive days, to help him get up from bed, preparing meals for him, Because this area of ​​the body is used during walking and sitting, and many other movements, people who have undergone this process may suffer from pain greater than that associated with other cosmetic surgeries; so that the doctor describes pain relievers. Adhesive bandages applied during surgery to provide pressure and support after 2 or 3 days of surgery are removed. During this time, the patient can shower and start moving more. After approximately 5-7 days, he will be able to walk and sit more comfortably. In general, the patient suffers from mild swelling and some bruising, but the final results can be seen after a very short period of surgery, but the buttocks become more flexible and gain a normal appearance after the muscles stretch within a few months of the procedure. Full physical activity is allowed after one month of surgery.

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