The best dentists and oral surgeons in Turkey have high efficiency and extensive experience thanks to their training in a group of us for surgical and cosmetic specialties. They offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry and dental implants for international visiting patients

Available dental treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral examination and detection of CAD / CAM systems
Digital Imaging X-ray
Caning teeth
Porcelain coatings

Dental implants


Dentures on 4 screws
Teeth within an hour
Eternal teeth within 3 days

Bone marrow transplant
Bone marrow transplantation (BOI)
Bone implants in the jaw
Upper jaw – complete rehabilitation of jaw
Lower jaw – complete rehabilitation of



Design Smilies
Veneers and Porcelain E-Max Coatings
Zirconia bridges using CAD / CAM technology
Zirconia coatings
Adhesion of teeth
Full New Porcelain Bridge (E-Max)
Teeth Whitening Method Zoom

Specialized Dentistry


Bone taste

Rehabilitation of the upper jaw

Composite bracket using CAD / CAM technology
mouth surgery
Roots Medicine
Treatment of root canal
Synthetic teeth
Gum medicine
Gum treatment and diseases

Orthodontics visible and hidden

It is also possible to take advantage of Botox or Filler to solve difficult problems and improve the appearance of our smile away from surgery

Gums high or large

Different treatment methods differ for different reasons for this problem, for example
Inflammation of the gums as a result of inflammation is treated with vital antibiotics
Increase the growth of the gums above the teeth and treat them by cutting the three parts covering the teeth Gums are large genetically or they are large in size naturally, they are fixed by fixing lips or by Botox or Filler

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