Face lift is actually a process by which we try to turn back the clock and remove signs of aging from the face by removing the excess skin, tightening the facial muscles under the skin and removing some fat if needed.

The facelift will make the owner look younger, more energetic and more energetic than he has just returned from a wonderful holiday in the most beautiful resorts, not only this but also the self-confidence and morale of the patient becoming high in the sky

There are 3 types of upper, lower, and full face lifts

Its goal is to remove wrinkles or sagging in the face. The upper wrinkles in the forehead, the lower wrinkles in the cheeks and neck, while the mass is in the case of the overall wrinkles of each face and neck.

Face lift takes two to three hours

It can be performed under local anesthesia with sedative, or under general anesthesia.

The wounds are in places that are not visible in front of the back of the ear and are concealed in the head hair so that they do not leave a clear impact after healing

Face and neck lift

The removal of wrinkles was the most famous cosmetic surgery, initially limited to movie stars and widows. In the past, too, a primitive process of facial skin was such that the person after the operation was wearing a mask on his face. Now, with the development of cosmetic surgery, A way to get a more fresh and more attractive face, by restoring the flaccid facial muscles to their original position and removing excess flaccid skin. The facelift consists of three operations performed at the same time in most cases, namely, forehead lift, brow lift, face lift, neck tightening. The face and neck lifts are performed at the same time. The forehead lift and eyebrow lift can be done independently. Status of the person. In recent years, requests for face-lift and wrinkle removal have not only been limited to women, but to quite a few men who wish to do so

Previously described the process

Wrinkle removal procedures are performed by tightening the skin by means of back stitches. This makes the process clear and artificial, easily noticeable, and the skin quickly expands and flattens again and wrinkles return as before


With the advancement of plastic surgery and the understanding of facial anatomy,surgeons are now removing wrinkles by pulling deep layers under the skin instead of tightening the surface skin.

Summarize the process

This is done to skin the face and neck together at the same time by placing the surgical incision behind the line of hair above and the top of the ears and then runs around the ears and behind them, and may need a surgeon to make a surgical incision under the chin to tighten the neck muscles. The surgeon then pulls and lifts the flaccid muscles and tightens the connective tissue in the deep layers under the skin. Sometimes the surgeon removes the excess fat and breaks down some prominent bones in the jaw. The surgeon then stitches the skin without tightening to ensure that the wound is healing without the appearance of a prominent scar,

Anesthesia and duration of operation

It may be necessary to use a compressor spare on the skin for a short period of time requires a procedure to lift the face and neck to remove wrinkles about three hours. Either under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia Anesthesia Most of the operations of removing wrinkles and tightening the face and neck under local anesthesia with some sedatives, and sometimes requires the operation under general anesthesia at the discretion of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

Pain of the process and side effects

Pain of the process Some mild pain that requires painkillers for several days after surgery and scarring causes the surgeon to hide the surgical incision and scarring behind the hair line or under the natural folds of the skin. Here, the skill of the doctor is highlighted. As for scarring, the operation is usually small. The complications of the operation The possibility of a short, temporary skin tenderness and rarely lasts for longer. The possibility of temporary weakness of the facial muscles for a short period and automatically improves the possibility of patches around the wound operation if exposed to the sun immediately after the operation

Recovery period

Before returning to work, the patient or patient needs to rest for at least a full week after the operation.

As for the work that requires standing on the feet for a long time such as teaching, it should not do so only in accordance with the instructions and guidance and supervision of the surgeon.

Aerobics: Walking should be done when you can move blood circulation and help speed healing. It is preferred to have short and intermittent walking during the first week rather than for a long time and once after the disappearance of the bruises and effects of the operation and then consult the surgeon can increase the rate of activity and movement gradually.

Sex: You should avoid sex in the first week after the procedure and possibly for two weeks to ensure faster healing and healing

Exposure to the sun: Do not be exposed to the sun directly in the first week after the process by covering the face at the exit to the sun so as not to appear dark spots in the place of the process


There are no travel warnings after the procedure, but it is best not to travel during the first week after the operation.

Time Results

Many people who want to face-lift and remove wrinkles wonder how long the process will continue. Generally, the smaller the lifetime of the operation and the tissue, the longer the survival of the outcome of the operation. The modern methods of facial facelifts, which involve stretching the muscles and tightening the deeper layers of the skin, last longer than the superficial skin tightening only.


The patient or the patient should be provided with assistance for two days after the procedure, especially for conditions that require bending, lifting of things and personal care. After these two days, the person can rely on himself to perform these tasks.

Analgesics should be taken during the first 2 days after the procedure to control the expected pain, usually a specific pain, but if there is severe pain on one side of the face, you should see your doctor immediately.

Keep your head up all the time and even sleep during the first week after the procedure to reduce facial swelling.

There may be some blood stains on the hair so cover the pillow with a towel or a towel or an old cover to prevent stains on the pillow.

When needed, the compressor is used for two to three days. Bathing and washing can take place two days after surgery or as directed by the surgeon.

There is a feeling of stiffness of the neck due to swelling after the operation, and should not move the neck or bend or tighten to remove this feeling, as it will automatically disappear after a short period.

Men should not shave for at least one week after the operation.

Men may need to shave the skin or remove hair permanently from the limbs because it extends after moving the skin behind the ears

The outcome of the operation should not be judged directly, especially during the first and second months after it is performed

The possibility of numbness in the skin after the procedure and automatically disappear after three months.

Simple bruises may occur under the skin, but they automatically disappear within two weeks

Hair dye should be avoided after surgery for at least one month. Therefore, the surgeon recommends that you dye or care for hair before the procedure.

No social concerts or engagements should be observed for at least six weeks after the operation, so that full activity can be restored and the effects of the process are eliminated and the results of the desired process are gradually initiated.

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