Liposuction, also called liposuction, is one of the most cosmetic operations to be performed worldwide. Where thousands of people go each year to liposuction operations as they provide them with high satisfaction rates, with low complications.

Liposuction is a cosmetic process in which excess fat is removed from the patient’s body by breaking down the fat blocks removed by suction. Liposuction can be performed throughout the body. The most popular types of liposuction surgery are

Liposuction of the stomach
Liposuction – preferably in patients to reach the gap between the thighs through liposuction surgery
Liposuction of the buttocks
Liposuction Chin
Liposuction of the neck
Liposuction by arm
Geomagnetic- It is also called minimizing the size of men’s breasts
The fat of the stomach, buttocks, and thighs, known as “stubborn fat” – it is difficult to remove excess fat in these areas through exercise or diet. Liposuction is the best option for individuals who are overweight and want to get rid of excess fat in these stubborn areas of the body.
It is worth mentioning that liposuction is not described as a way to get rid of excess weight or a way to treat obesity. Liposuction is performed to reconstitute one or more areas of the human body. Liposuction is not recommended for individuals who are not in a stable state during surgery

Liposuction Techniques

Laser liposuction

More fat can be eliminated using this technique.
The skin can be pulled in addition to the elimination of excess fat in the body.
Scars are lower compared to traditional liposuction surgery where smaller incisions are made during surgery.
There is a lower risk of nerve damage or bleeding.
The recuperation period is shorter.

Slim Lipo

It is an advanced laser liposuction technique that uses two different laser wavelengths – one used in liposuction, and the other used in skin tightening. Surgery is recommended for patients who need to tighten the skin as well as get rid of excess fat

Convalescence of liposuction surgery

The period of recovery of liposuction surgery depends heavily on the number of areas where liposuction and the amount of fat that has been removed has been performed. In general, patients can return to their work within 3-4 days. It can take up to two weeks for the recovery period and you can return to exercise within 3 to 4 weeks. It is recommended to wear compression clothing as it accelerates the treatment process.

Liposuction scars

Where the surgeon does some cracks during surgery or explicitly is a small puncture quickly heal and disappear. The good news is that these scars are usually small and are not observed after healing

Side effects of liposuction

Possible side effects of liposuction are swelling, bruising, and numbness in the treatment area – which usually ends in two weeks. In the case of increased pain from swelling and bruising, it is recommended to take painkillers such as paracetamol.

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