if you are thinking of getting a new property . now is a high time to buy
Bazerbashi group will be with you step by step
Also we will ensure that you are buying a property :
1: from the actual seller
2: same property that you have seen
3: Without any debt
4: In accordance with the payment
agreements terms.

paying off

When you sign the sales contract , the buyer will pay a down payment to the seller. Within two weeks the agreed amount written in the contract will be sent.

Order to open a bank account you need to provied (electricity , water , internet, broadcast bills , etc.) where it is compulsory having your name and address of your house inscribed on the link.


You will need some documents when applying for a (Tapu) in Turkey. You will only need to bring a passport or valid identification card . We’ll help you to prepare these documents

  • translation of the passport (notary)
    • an official agency
    • 2 personal photo
    • Date on the tax number

Military leadership license

Military leadership license
On the reception of the aforesaid the counterpart will be able to transfer for the ownership of the property . According to “Turkish property law”, should foreigners to obtain a license from the military headquarters to show that the real property ‘ is not’ close to the military zones.

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